Aerial Class Information

Elevated Dreams is committed to providing donation-based aerial arts classes and mentorship to the greater Santa Barbara community. All classes are 60 minutes long, unless otherwise specified.

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Aerial Silks

These classes focus on techniques using the Aerial Silks apparatus, also known as Tissues, Fabrics, or Twin Tails.

All Levels

All levels, from beginner to advanced, are welcomed in this mixed level class. Our expert instructors modify their lesson plans to suit students with varying aerial backgrounds.


Youth Foundations is a beginner-friendly Mixed Level aerial silks class, geared for kids and teens. You will build strength, flexibility, and a solid foundation of aerial techniques like footlocks, climbs, and inversions.

Adult Foundations is a beginner-focused series of introductory classes for adults and older teens. You will build strength, flexibility, and a solid foundation of aerial techniques like footlocks, climbs, and inversions.

Mixed Apparatuses


All levels will benefit from this class! This is a mixed apparatus class focused on building the strength, power and endurance needed to advance in your aerial training. Conditioning exercises are done on the aerial apparatuses so you will improve aerial skills, endurance, and get a work out!


All levels welcome! This class focuses on techniques using the Aerial Hoop apparatus, also known as Lyra or Circeaux.

Lyra can be dynamic and explosive, or slow and flowy – it is a great tool for showcasing flexibility.


All levels welcome! This class focuses on techniques using the Aerial Hammock apparatus, also known as Sling or Loop.

Hammock differs from Silks in that it is a single piece of fabric, mounted at both ends.


This class focuses on techniques using the Aerial Rope apparatus, also known as Corde Lisse.

This apparatus is comprised of a thick cotton rope, which lends a dazzling display of strength and power. Thick leggings and shoulder coverage is recommended!

Performance Tribe

Open to current students only. This is a dedicated time for our aspiring performers to work on act development, from beginning to advanced stages.

Open Studio

Cash only – please bring $10 with you to the studio!
Open to current students. Use this self-guided time to work on techniques learned in class, develop routines, or squeeze a little extra conditioning in.

Floor & Dance Classes

Active Flexibility & Stretching

This refreshing class focuses on active flexibility and stretches for aerialists and dancers alike to help improve their range of motion, form, control, and prevent injuries.


Push your flexibility goals even farther! Learn techniques to safely train advanced contortion-style flexibility, including oversplits and toe-to-head backbends (and beyond!)


Dance technique foundation for aerialists and performance artists. We host several teachers from all different dance backgrounds and techniques. Read more about them below!

Katelyn Carano

One of our resident aerial instructors, Katelyn is well-versed in the arts of dance and performance. She will teach techniques and grace that can be applied both on the floor and in the air.

Kaycee Jannino

Kaycee was born and raised in North Reading, Massachusetts where she trained in a variety of styles for many years. After high school, she continued education at Jacksonville University where she studied Exercise Science and Dance. Kaycee is currently working with Psychopomp Dance Theatre out of Los Angeles, as well as participating in and curating a variety of freelance projects involving dance and Underwater modeling.

Kaycee hopes to give to student dancers inspiration, encouragement in exploring individual creativity, technique advancement, and a strong motivation to keep them dancing.

Bianca Salazar

A Southern California local, Bianca began her dance training at the Academy of the Performing Arts in Huntington Beach, CA. She recently received her BFA in Dance from the University of California, Santa Barbara where she was granted the Corwin Award for Best Choreography. She is a current fifth year company member with Selah Dance Collective and has previously danced with Nebula Dance Lab and the UCSB Dance Company.

Bianca says, “In this class we will delve into modern and jazz dance techniques while also exploring our bodies through choreographed movement. Dancers will be challenged to tap into their breath, emotions, and passion.”

Intro to Flow Arts

Merging dance with object manipulation, experiment with a variety of flow arts props – including hula hoop, fire fans, poi, and more!


No experience or partner necessary! All levels welcome.

Combining acrobatics and yoga, acroyoga is a therapeutic exercise in strength, flexibility, and trust between partners. Learn about the three foundational roles of Base, Flyer, and Spotter, and play with like-minded humans who have a love for movement and connection.

Suggested Donation

We are committed to expanding aerial arts within our community, and offer donation-based classes.
Please contact us at with any questions

Aerial Series

Drop-In Aerial Classes – $35 Suggested Donation

5 Class Series – $150 Suggested Donation
10 Class Series – $300 Suggested Donation
Aerial class series can be used at any time, up to a year from the date your donation was made

Floor Series

Drop-In Floor/Dance Classes – $18 Suggested Donation

5 Class Series – $75 Suggested Donation
10 Class Series – $150 Suggested Donation
Good for all dance, acroyoga, and flexibility classes

Private Lessons

All privates aerial lessons are 60 minutes long (unless otherwise requested) and are available with any teacher.

Private Lessons
Work one-one-one with your favorite teacher! You may also choose to split a private lesson with a friend. Private aerial lessons are great for breaking through training plateaus, perfecting performance choreography, or receiving extra attention for students with injuries and disabilities.

Virtual private lessons are also available over Zoom, we are happy to work with your home training plans (flexibility, conditioning, etc).

Please contact current rates

Group Lessons
Birthday parties, bachelorettes, reunions, and more – we are available for private group sessions for both aerial and dance. Great fun for all ages!

Please contact us at for availability.

If you and your friends are seeking a fun and memorable experience, then Elevated Dreams needs to be part of your Santa Barbara getaway!

Dana is the perfect patient teacher – even for those with limited yoga experience. Several in my group plan to seek out an aerial yoga class when they return to their homes.

Both Dana and Autumn responded quickly to my inquiry and were flexible with their time.

Elizabeth & Her Group – mothers (with kids ranging from 18-42)