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Livia Etelka (Oct/Nov)

Special announcement and special treat! Livia Etelka is back to teach Static Trapeze and Hammock for a few weeks in Oct/Nov. We would love for you to have the opportunity to fly with her!

Please sign up on MINDBODY – this class comes out of your regular aerial series.

More Info

Livia Etelka began her dancing exploration at the age of four. Following a classical training in ballet until the age of 20, she developed a strong foundation that enabled her to delve into different genres, ranging from jazz, modern, African, to contemporary dance. Propelled by her passion for the art of movement, she explored ways in which to utilize the body as an intricate, emotive instrument to convey and communicate.

Livia Etelka has focused on a multitude of apparatus including aerial silks, rope, static trapeze, aerial hoop, hammock, stilt walking, and tight rope. Her experience has brought her to perform around the world at aerial conventions, high-end private and corporate events, theater productions and festivals in India, California, Ireland, France, and England.
She has continued to expand her exploration of aerial arts, through the study of movement and expression with theatrical elements.  Inspired by many different disciplines, Livia has gathered various levels of body awareness and conscious movement, to speak louder with her work.

Livia Etelka strives to continue inspiring through her flight, seamlessly blending in beauty and strength, emotions and physicality. Inspired by the power of performances, Livia is driven to bring a precious occasion of magic to her audience. A timeless moment where the spectators are invited on a journey, to be transported to a space of utter presence. She inspires the crowd with her personal interpretation and expression, defying the way we habitually view movement and gravity. Livia captivates her audience, as she artfully translates her passion into a graceful flight.