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Jordann Baker (May 17)

We have a special guest teacher, Jordann Baker (@aerialjordann) coming to teach workshops! She will be teaching 2 two-hour workshops.

Stratospheric Silks! : Silks [Int/Adv]

May 17 : 11:30 am – 1:30 pm

I love Silks and you do too! The choreographic possibilities of Silks are endless! In this workshop, I’ll be sharing some of my very favorite creative choreographies and unusual transitions. We’ll bend your brain and your body and try many things that hopefully you have not tried before, all while checking in with good technique and movement fundamentals. Material will include drops, momentum moves, flexibility sequences and fluid transitions.

Prerequisite: Int/Adv skill level on Silks or Rope.

Momentum Fundamentals : ROPE [Int]

May 17 : 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Learn foundational beat pathways and techniques to maximize body connectivity, strength and efficiency. We’ll cover several fundamental beat pathways as well as play with some other momentum pathways.

Prerequisite: Strong beginner/intermediate skill level on Silk or Rope, confidence in hand strength/grip.

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Each workshop is $55. Sign up on Mindbody to book!
She will also have very limited private spots, contact us directly to book.