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Acro Yoga – New Class

Starting this week we will be adding a ✨NEW✨ class!

AcroYoga with Gecolea (@gecolea_flows)
Sundays from 2:30-3:30 pm
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More Info

Combining the playfulness of acrobatics and the soulful connections felt through yoga, acroyoga is for anyone wanting to experience the beauty of human connection through contact. This introduction to acroyoga class is designed to help develop body awareness in space; bring your yoga asanas (postures) in the air with a community; learn to trust in yourself and others in uplifting one another physically, mentally, and spiritually; effectively communicate through the different roles as a base, flyer, and spotter; and simply play with like-minded humans who have a love for movement and connection. No experience or partner necessary, just a curiosity for acroyoga, an open heart, and an open mind. (all levels welcome) Prepare to laugh, play, and experience the beauty of human connection. 
Gecolea has been practicing acroyoga for 2.5 years, and has practiced in various settings all over the world from retreat centers in Costa Rica to yoga workshops in India. She also performed with Divine Play: Acroyoga Festival in Portland, OR.

Gecolea’s acroyoga practice began during her time of recovery from sexual trauma, where touch was abused and taken advantage of. Through acroyoga, she was able to heal and transform this view of contact into a soulful, playful practice. She shares acroyoga for its ability to help heal the mind, body, and soul; and cultivate communities of playfulness and connection. She loves to hold space for others to experience the beauty of human connection though loving, healing touch. With an emphasis on effective communication verbally, and through body language, she teaches the value of consent and respect for our different levels of comfort with touch. She also teaches the importance of each role as a base, flyer, and spotter in order to provide a community to uplift and support one another through loving, healing, and play! 💕✨